lundi 10 octobre 2011

Parents' Trip

My parents visited me in Bulgaria. Here is our adventure!!

Sofia: definitly surprising!

Rila monastery. Breathtaking. Better to visit in non-holidays period.

Somewhere near to Melnik.

Rojen Monastery. 7 kilometers from Melnik. Not famous like Rila but I definitly recommand you. Out of space

Melnik. City of wines and good restaurants. The buildings' architecture is specific to this region. beautiful town.

A small church, "Cveti Georgi". One hour from Kovachevitsa.

Kovachevitsa. A village in the middle of nowhere. We slept one night in Irina's place. A paradise on earth. My mother made banitsa with her.
 Incredible experience. Thanks Irina.

Isn't it perfect?!

Haskovo, his tower, his market and the new park

Nazdrave! Tout de même.

Veliko Tarnovo. Very beautiful city lost in the Stara Planina hills. Many places to visit like the fortress.

We also visited Etara, a craft village, near to Gabrovo. Very interesting and beautiful.

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